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I started building models in 1960.  My family was vacationing at family members in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The son of the family had a wall filled with model cars and I was in total awe.  One day we visited a Sears store and there was a large display of models.  A JoHan 1960 Olds 2 door hardtop kit was purchased for me.   I’m sure that the model came out looking nothing like the box, but I was immediately hooked on the hobby.

I’ve been fortunate to have grown up with a family that supported me in the growth of my modeling skills.  I was also blessed with a wife that not only supported me, but strongly encouraged me in my hobby.   It’s through her that I’ve progressed from just building straight out of the box, to “pushing the envelope” of my skills.

What is the hobby of building transportation related items?  I like to refer to it as the art of miniatures, and those of us who build models as miniaturists.  The world looks upon us as playing with toys, but they don’t know about the hours that go into research and the painstaking work that is employed in the construction of these works of art.  The miniatures that we build are as much art as the pictures that are placed upon our walls’ the quilt placed upon our bed, the doily on our coffee table, or the figurines on the window sill.  Great effort goes into insuring that if a detail is there on the subject; it’s there on the model.  It’s time spent with family at a desk or dining room table, working and talking together in a relaxed environment.  It’s a morally clean hobby that knows no gender, race, or any of the other limiting manias of our world.  My daughters and my wife have built models the same as my sons, although I do acknowledge that theirs is more of a passing interest.

One thing that my family members like about my hobby is that it’s easy to gift me.  It doesn’t matter if I have a model already, because the new one will become its own build, often looking nothing like the picture on the box.  There are those who would be offended to see the major changes that we make in the models, but need to understand that it’s not that we didn’t like or appreciate the model they gave us, but that they gave us a chance to go into our own modeling world and create a work of art from our imagination.  My wife is generally more concerned if I don’t add my own touches.  One other facet of the hobby is the financial consideration.  I’ve heard many of my constituents discussing how their family members are concerned about the money they spend on the hobby.  One can have a whole museum in miniature for the cost of full size car, plus they don’t have the upkeep cost.  Compare them to the cost of smoking and drinking.  It’s also been proven that building models also helps to ward off mental deteriorations.  That’s my soapbox lecture, but you can understand why I continue on as an automotive miniaturist, and encourage others to join me in the wonderful miniature world.

In the pages that follow, you’ll see my homage to those who supported and encouraged, and to a large extent, financed my hobby.  Come on in and browse, and please take time to leave a comment.



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Robert | Reply 16.03.2013 13.36

Excellent web site. I have it bookmarked and I'll visit often!!

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02.12 | 09:34

I enjoyed looking thru your site. The models are excellent!

19.11 | 20:43

My first '57 chevy was a 4 door sedan, same color as your model.

26.08 | 04:19

This is awsome....Love the title...and the '55 Chevy (next door neighbor had one in pink [coral ?]& white) sure brought back memories keep keep up good work.

28.02 | 21:09

Wow what a great site I really enjoyed my visit ! thank you for the inspiration !

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